Top 5 Alternatives to Airtight Storage Containers For Your Chips

Top 5 Alternatives to Airtight Storage Containers For Your Chips

The LOCK & LOCK container has been tested for long- lasting performance. It is easy to store. They can be put in the freezer.

The container is made of durable plastic and has a classic-looking design.

It has an easy-to-use snap-on lid and a 4-hinge locking system.

You can keep almost anything in it. You can store a lot of food.

You can clean it in the dishwasher.

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There is a pack of 5 different sizes of the Leraze airtight best waffle makers with removable plates canister set, which includes one 3.5-cup canister, two 4.75-cup canisters, one 7.5-cup canister, and a 9-cup canister. It is possible to meet your storage needs.

You can tell what is inside the container with the clear canisters.

It has a lid with a gasket and a metal system for more secure storage. The lever that is connected to the lid is the only thing you need to open it.

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Alternatives to chip storage containers

If you want to keep your chips fresh, you can choose to store them in cheap containers or in a different location. Some of the best alternatives for storing chips are in this list.

Alternative 1: Reusable airtight ziplock bags

Airtight bags are used to keep portions of food in the freezer. They can also be used to store your snacks.

Alternative 2: Bag sealer

You can use a mini heat vacuum to store your chips. You can use it to seal any opened bag of chips, since it is portable and compact.

Alternative 3: Chip clips

You can reuse your bag or packaging for chip clips. To seal the opened chip bag, all you have to do is fold the upper part of the bag neatly, insert the chip, and pull the clip to the end.

Alternative 4: Rubber Band

If you don’t have any of the necessary tools, you can use a rubber band to tie up the chip bag in the old-fashioned way. Remove excess air before tying it.

How do you choose the right container for your chips?

Choosing the right container is more difficult because of their large number.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

The key factors you should consider are outlined in this post.

Lid and sealing system

The lid type is one of the major factors you need to consider when buying an airtight container.

Seal-cover and snap-on lids are the most common types of containers on the market. There are also ones with innovative push-down buttons, like the OXO POP container, and ones with LOCK & LOCK systems.

You should choose containers that are easy to use.


Similar to many food containers, you can find airtight containers of various capacities, ranging from small to large. Depending on how many chips you store, you may need to choose between a small container or a bigger one.

If you can’t decide, you can use an airtight container set that has different capacities.

It is important to consider your pantry’s space. Pick ones that can fit in the pantry.


Most containers are made of plastic The material has pros and cons.

Glass containers that are better at resisting wrap and stains can easily shatter. Plastic containers are more prone to stains than plastic containers.

Before buying a plastic container for your chips, be sure it is made of food-grade material.

There are also containers made of wood, aluminum, and ceramic.

Shape and Design

Food containers come in many shapes. Shapes have their own benefits. When it comes to stackability and space-saving, square and rectangular containers are better.

A flat side container is one of the unique designs of airtight food containers.

It depends on your preference and available space.


You have to consider the container’s longevity. You do not want containers that only last a few days or weeks. Poorly-made containers would waste time and money.

Before buying an airtight container for your chips, make sure it is durable and able to endure shocks. The manufacturer’s warranty would be a good point.


You would want to choose a container that is easy to clean.

Pick ones that are easy to clean and easy to remove. You don’t have to hand wash the containers because they are dishwasher safe.

Extra features

Stackability, stain-proof, and dishwasher-safe are some of the additional features that some containers offer. You might want to check out these features.

You can keep your chips fresh with other tricks.

If you want to keep your chips fresh, there are some things you need to remember.

  • If you store your chips in a humid environment, they will go rancid quicker. Store them in a cold, dry and dark place.
  • Don’t keep your chips in the pantry if you can’t finish them in a few days. They should be kept in the freezer. They will not go bad for months. Yes, months
  • You can drape a towel over the chips if you plan to eat them within the next few hours.

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